Surprise loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, or just because. Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Two memorable songs Monday to Friday evenings and weekends. A personal serenade in a restaurant over supper with loved ones, a retirement or care home where friends or relatives are residing, someone recovering from an operation, someone you're just really missing and want to reach out to, singing to children in daycare or school where the other children get to share. Two songs performed live weekday evenings and weekends in Regina: $75



Rodney Sings


Please email to inquire and arrange special event performances for everything from live background music to live center stage shows for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, valentines, cocktail hours, business exhibitions, family and class reunions, festivals, live club shows, backyard, block, corporate, and Christmas parties. Outdoor special event venues are available weather permitting. Live solo classic crooner, country, rock, and pop music shows for small and large audiences from 1 - 500 plus. Please use the online contact form or email directly:

Live shows with live classic crooner, country, rock, or pop music supported by professional stage gear suitable for audiences of up to 100 weekday evenings and weekends at your location in Regina. Shows for but are by no means limited to banquets, weddings, family and class reunions, festivals, backyard, block, and corporate parties, business exhibitions and shows. Shows are 1 or 2 hour performances and may be customized to suit party themes. Outdoor venues are available weather permitting. Booking available online for live shows.  One Hour $750  Two Hours $1250